WebFacing™ – Email Accounts management for cPanel® – Pro Addon

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A cPanel® plugin for WordPress: Create email fowarders and accounts in bulk, faster. Opens the bulk entry feature in the free plugin. Bulk entries can also be made as single entries. License expires after one year, regardless of use.

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🕸️ By WebFacing™. Read, send, show, manage, list, create, add, remove or delete email accounts, old messages, forwarders and autoresponders. One click read, send and manage all your emails without a login step. Update notification recipients. Backup and download your complete cPanel® account.

Either CLI shell (local server) or HTTP API communication, with token management for HTTP (local or remote server).

This plugin requires WordPress, the free plugin WebFacing™ – Email Accounts management for cPanel®, and that  you are hosted on a cPanel® equipped server.

New forwarders in bulk

200, 400, 800

New accounts in bulk

100, 200, 400